12 All Natural Energy-Boosting Drinks….They’ll Give You Wings…

We all need a little push in our days, to get us pumped and ready to go. Some people go to sugary energy drinks. But, what if we told you that you can get the same (even better) energetic boost from homemade, all natural concoctions? And, the best part is that you’ll get good minerals and vitamins in your body, PLUS the energy boost. It’s a win/win. Which one will you try first?

Pineapple-Carrot-Turmeric Spritzer


The main enzyme in pineapple is bromelain — and it’s super-charged with energy. Add turmeric into the mix, and you end up with a refreshing drink that is hormone-balancing, anti-inflammatory, and energizing. Perfect for anyone, and especially perfect for combating menstrual fatigue. Via todayindietzville.com.

Moringa Powder Smoothie: The Best Natural Energy Booster to Start Your Day


Add moringa powder to your morning smoothie and watch your energy levels stay elevated all day long. This nutrient-dense powder contains over 90 vitamins and minerals! It’s a great way to re-energize your body and clarify your mind without the nasty side effects of caffeine. Via organicauthority.com.

Apple Cider Energy Cocktail


Apple cider vinegar has so many benefits, not the least of which is providing feel-good energy. Get that boost you crave — without crashing later — with this drink! Via liverenewed.com.

Chia Seed Natural Energy Drink: Chia Fresca


A traditional Mexican Indian drink, chia fresca (or iskiate) has been used as endurance energy for thousands of years. Chia seeds are the star ingredient in this drink, and they’re packed with good protein, Omega-3s, calcium, and magnesium. Via hurrythefoodup.com.

Wellness Shot — Turmeric Tonic with Coconut Water, Ginger, and Honey


An energy boost that’s also anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting? Yes, please! Do a shot of this powerful tonic and feel energy flood into your cells. Via mommypotamus.com.

Make Your Own Electrolyte Energy Drink


Feeling low on energy? It could be that your body is low on electrolytes. Interestingly, coffee actually depletes your body’s electrolytes — causing more fatigue in the long run. Make your own electrolyte drink to replenish yourself after a workout, during illness, or just everyday. Via everydayroots.com.

A Coffee-Free Morning Pick-Me-Up


If you’re experiencing headaches and grumpiness from quitting caffeine and want to get over it fast, try this! A quick shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning can help get you over the hump and keep you feeling feisty for your day. Via modernparentsmessykids.com.

Detox Drink for Daily Enjoyment and Cleansing


Part of having energy is daily detox — removing all the toxins and stuff that slow down the mind and body. Sip on a fruit-infused water to facilitate natural detox and boost your energy. Just pure fruity water — no caffeine or sugar! Via everydayroots.com.

Chia Seed Energy Shot


Here’s another way to get the energizing punch of chia seeds — in a shot! The perfect pick-me-up any time of day! Via bodyunburdened.com.

Sunshine Energy Smoothie


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