12 Boozy Ice Cream Floats To Make Things Even Better During Happy Hour

Sure, a few margaritas are good during happy hour. But, you haven’t lived until you have alcohol-infused ice cream floats! It’s dessert and happy hour meshed into one delicious concoction! Which one will you make first?!

1. Mini Chocolate Stout Brownie Sundae Floats


Get the Mini Chocolate Stout Brownie Sundae Floats recipe from Half Baked Harvest

2. Gin & Tonic Float


Get the Gin & Tonic Float recipe from 84th & 3rd

3. Irish Whiskey Ice Cream with Guinness Float


Get the Irish Whiskey Ice Cream with Guinness recipe from Well Plated

4. Boozy Cherry-Vanilla Floats


Get the Boozy Cherry-Vanilla Ice Cream Floats recipe from Freutcake

5. Orange Dreamsicle Floatini


Get the Orange Dreamsicle Floatini recipe from Wine and Glue

6. Boozy Biscoff Beer Floats


Get the Boozy Biscoff Beer Floats recipe from Bakers Royale

7. Pimm’s Cup Ice Cream Float


Get the Pimm’s Cup Ice Cream Float recipe from Pretty Prudent

8. Blackberry Gin Fizz Float


Get the Blackberry Gin Fizz Float recipe from Brown Eyed Baker

9. Guinness Extra Stout Floats


Get the Guinness Extra Stout Float recipe from The Fresh Fridge

10. Creamsicle Fanta Floats with Aperol


Get the Creamsicle Fanta Float with Aperol recipe from BraveTart

11. “Dirty Girl Scout” Chocolate Mint Beer Floats


Get the Dirty Girl Scout recipe from The Beeroness 

12. Manhattan Float


Get the Manhattan Float recipe from Scoop Adventures

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