13 Breathtaking Ways To Dress Up A Pool For A Wedding

If you or someone you know is having a wedding near a pool, and aren’t sure how to spruce it up, then look no further. Sure, a pool by itself is nice looking. But, a few flowers, candles, or even statements, can make it the highlight of your event decor. These ideas are so nice that you may just want to do them wedding, or no wedding :)


1. DIY Geometric Floating Flower Wreaths: This super simple floating flower wreath calls for flowers, foam core and a hot glue gun. While the project shown features geometric shapes, it’s super easy to customize — you can whip up a flower-covered monogram instead if you like!


2. Roses + Peonies: This couple chose simple scattered flowers for their pool decor, but they still elicit a stunning visual effect. For a balanced wedding design, offset bright and colorful blooms with modern, masculine touches.


3. Floating Message: When two graphic designers got married, they decided to decorate their wedding with (no surprise) big bold graphics! If you want to try this look, you can keep your floating letters from drifting apart by securing them to one another with clear fishing line.


4. Swan Floats + Flowers: These swan floats are about as fun and modern as you can get. Pro tip: Put the flowers in tubs to keep them from spilling out of the floats.


5. Balloons: There’s no party a dozen or so balloons can’t improve! Dress up a plain pool, and amp up the festivities with a ton of colorful fun.


6. Floating Bouquet: Flower arrangements are a traditional staple of wedding decor. Give the classic a modern twist by displaying them in an unconventional way — in a pool!


7. Floating Balloons: Create this whimsical display by tying weights to the end of your balloon strings and positioning them throughout the pool. For extra pizzazz, consider adding mini lights inside the balloons to give them a luminescent glow in the evening.


8. Bouquets + Candles: Two romantic accents come together to make this pool decor look like a vision from your daydreams. To get the look, nestle a candle in a bouquet of flowers and scatter additional LED tea lights around them.


9. Floating Candles: For a cleaner aesthetic, skip the florals and stick to uniform floating candles. The glow from the candles come evening will be a welcome and lovely sight for your guests.


10. Candles + Flowers: Desert plants and natural eucalyptus foraged from the bride and groom’s property come together in this dreamy floral installation. If you’re digging the whimsical woodland vibes, gather your favorite florals and greenery, throw in a few candles and you’re all set.


11. Flowers + LED Candles: These beautiful floating pieces contain real flowers and LED candles. If you opt for real candles, keep them from dripping into the water by using a base to catch all the wax runoff.


12.Rose Petals: When in doubt, scatter some flower petals and call it a day. This foolproof fancifier will add dimension, texture, color and romantic elements all in one.


13. Tropical: Capture the tropical aesthetics of your wedding destination like this couple did for their Bali wedding. Choose unique summery flora and accent candles to set a cozy yet exotic atmosphere.

Who’s ready to decorate? What creative elements have you placed in your pools? Share with friends!

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