13 Products Every Neat Freak Should Own

Being a “neat freak”, or politely known as a “Type A” person, can be very exhausting. But, it’s who you are, and well….you can’t teach an old dog new tricks :). So, here are just a few things that can make your daily struggle, a little more bearable :)

A planner that just gets you.


Glam With a Plan 2016 Planner, $21.99 

And one that breaks things down by the week, day AND hour.


Good to Go LifePlanner, $50

The ultimate beauty station, complete with docks for devices.


Taylor Beauty Station, $68

A cutting board that ensures you don’t waste a thing.


Bamboo cutting board with tray, $31.22

And the most organized cheese board you ever did see.


Malvern cheese board set, $60.35

Wall art that speaks to your priorities.


Goal Digger wall art, $10

A purse organizer, because of course those exist.


GlamDivide clutch organizer, $160

A clock that says EVERYTHING you need to know, in words.


LED word clock, $59.95

And one for the entire world.


Around The World II, $269.49

Lists, both short and long.


The short list small notepad, $8 and the long list large notepad, $10

The most elegant of cord tacos.


Cord Taco, $6

Cross stitching that reminds your guests to conserve.


Framed hoop Seinfeld quote cross stitch, $19.50

The most satisfyingly segmented wall organizer. Amazing!


Organize It system with add-ons, $13.99 – $39.99

This is like Christmas for all neat freaks! Share with friends!

Via Huffington Post

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