15 Perfect Gifts For The Selfie Addict

Are selfies an object of narcism, or is it just an innocent trend? Whatever your opinion is, doesn’t matter. Why? Because selfies have taken over. It has gotten so out of control, that it has now become a way of life. People literally wake up, and start their day with a selfie as opposed to a cup of coffee. Throughout their day….more selfies. There’s no cure for this addiction. Only the hands of time may fix this one. In the meantime, if you know a selfie addict, here are some gifts that will for sure light up their day!

1. This Is My Selfie shirt


Finally, a tee specifically designed for mirror shots. Price: $16.50

2. The Selfie Ring


The Selfie Ring might not be a fashion statement, but you can slip it on your fingers to help stabilize your phone while you get the shot. Price: $19.99

3. Abraham Lincoln selfie poster


Price: $14.98

Do you think Abraham Lincoln would have had to crop his signature top hat out of Instagrams?

4. Custom selfie lollipops


Price: $23

Lollipops featuring your likeness make a sweet stocking stuffer.

5. Selfie iPhone case


Price: $19.99

We all know what your smartphone is really for.

6. Have Yourselfie a Merry Little Christmas card pack


Price: $18 for a pack of 8.

7. Selfie Stick


Price: $12.99

8. Instagram necklace


Price: $25

Give the gift of likes.

9. Custom selfie pillow


Price: $40

Pick your favorite selfie and have it printed on a pillow.

10. Superhero Selfie prop kit


Price: $8.53

For selfies with superpowers.

11. Selfie brush


Price: $19.99

The selfie brush is a perfect primping tool for selfies on the go.

12. iPhone photo prop

Three Women Holding Cocktail Glasses

Three Women Holding Cocktail Glasses

Price: $65

For meta holiday party photos.

13. Selfie toaster


Price: $69

Give your loved ones the gift of toast with their face on it.

14. Frida Kahlo selfie tee


Price: $36

Frida Kahlo mastered the selfie way before you. Buy this for the art lover in your life.

15. Photo filter sunglasses


Price: $100.43

Sunglass company Tens call their tinted shades #TheRealLifePhotoFilter. For anyone who sees the world in Kelvin and Nashville.

One of the most notorious selfie addicts is Kim Kardashian. We wonder if she owns all of these items? Share with friends!

Via Mashable

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