16 Famous Photos That Hide The Truth

Now, we ask ourselves, how accurate are history books? More importantly, history text books? Are the historic pictures we have known all along, lies? Some, yes. Some, no. The following pictures have been altered in one way or another, for reasons unknown. So, next time you pick up a history book, do your research and make sure what you’re learning is true…

#1 – This photo has been circulating the internet for a long time and claims this man was standing on the balcony of one of the twin towers on September 11 when the plane was about to hit. The plane is fake and the timestamp was added into the image after it was taken.

#2 – That’s not Oprah! That’s the body of Ann-Margaret’s with Oprah’s face photoshopped on top. The first person to notice was the designer of the dress.

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