16 Times Toddlers Were The Complete Opposite of Terrible

They say the teen years are the most challenging ones to deal with, as a parent. But, some parents may beg to differ, and say that the toddler years are not only the most challenging, but also the craziest. During the toddler years, the energy seems to NEVER run out. And, most of the time, they could care less what your input is on any matter. They’re shameless, and their curiousity is a little extreme at times. So extreme, that it’s consistently either breaking your personal belongings, or embarrassing you in public. But, at the end of the day, they are so full of love, kindness, and innocence. They are truly the best kind of little humans out there :)

 1. Like this escalator greeter sharing happiness.


2. And this guy who has already learned how to love himself and isn’t afraid to show it.


 3. This friendly stranger, just looking out for everyone.


 4. This amazing and generous artist.


5. And Carter.


6. This little girl who just couldn’t stay mad while wearing her squeaky shoes.


7. And this lil’ lady embracing her powers at an early age.


8. This emotional little boy meeting his garbage men heroes for the first time.


9. And this absurdly stylish little angel who is already killing it on the modeling scene, for obvious reasons.


10. This toddler who loved a personal injuries lawyer’s commercials so much that the lawyer was the theme of his birthday party.


11. This little dude making new friends in unexpected places.


12. And this toddler who simply tried their best.


13. This amazed baby discovering automatic doors for the first time.


14. And this tiny expert on a giant horse, not even a little afraid.


15. This lil’ bb so happy to be dressed as her BFF.


No doubt toddlers make the world a better place! Share with friends!

Via Buzzfeed


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