17 Must Have Apps For The Perfect Gentleman

If you consider yourself to be a man’s man, a manly man, and a gentleman, then there are some apps you must have on your phone. These are apps that will keep your gentleman’s intelligence, charm, and wit, at their peak. In other words, these apps will make sure your “gentleman swag” is on point at all times.

Life today, isn’t what it used to be. It is more demanding. More to do, but the amount of hours we get in a day haven’t changed. So it’s our job to do as much as we possibly can, in a short amount of time. And, thanks to apps we can truly fine tune our organization, knowledge, and resources. And, while there are tons of apps to choose from, these are specifically geared to all you men who want to remain, cool, calm, and collected…AKA – any lady’s dream :)

Hotel Tonight


Hotel Tonight helps you select last-minute rooms in hotels sorted by categories such as hip, luxe, solid, basic, or charming. You’ll be able to find something last minute that is catered to your style.
You can download Hotel Tonight here.


Sunrise Calendar


Sunrise Calendar can sync loads of apps together (such as Google Calendar and Facebook).

Plus, you can add your own interesting features like sports team calendars, holidays, the stock exchange, and even the moon phases.

Download Sunrise Calendar for Apple or Android.


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