25 Backyard Party Ideas That Will Take Your Summer To A Whole New Level

Everyone always says they want a summer to remember, but is it really? Perhaps you just need to revamp your summer parties to make it THAT summer to remember. To start you off try these ideas. You and your guests will experience summer partying on a whole new level. Best part, they’re clever and easy tips.

1. Make ethereal, floating candles that ward off bugs with citronella oil.


Read how to make these here.

2. Kids can cool off on hot days with a water balloon piñata.


You’ll need a plastic bat so kids can swing at it!

3. Make portable tacos in lunch-sized bags of Fritos or Doritos, also known as “walking tacos.”


My mouth is watering just looking at these.

4. Here’s the secret to keeping your party guests from getting too crazy.


Who knew the lines on Solo cups actually meant something?! Not me.

5. For a beach-themed party, keep snacks in buckets and use a toy shovel as a scoop.


6. Keep kids entertained with a giant bubble station.

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See what you’ll need here.

7. Give folding chairs a makeover to spice up your party decor.


Get more DIY chair inspiration here.

8. Serve balled fruit in ice cream cones.


Make sure to put a cupcake liner on the inside to keep the cone from getting soggy.

9. The secret to cooking a giant batch of corn on the cob is a cooler filled with boiling water.


Pour two kettles of boiling water into a cooler and let it sit for 30 minutes. Get more info here.

10. Make ice shot glasses for perfectly chilled liquor.


With this method, you don’t need to buy a mold.

11. Make a shallow plywood box and set it atop cinder blocks for a bar-like DIY cooler.


12. Everyone can dress their burger to their taste with a burger bar.


13. A sunscreen and bug spray station will keep everyone protected from summer’s pests.


14. A cupcake liner attached to a straw keeps bugs out of sugary drinks.


This idea is pretty cute, too.

15. Cut up a few 2×4’s and make a giant Jenga set.


This tutorial shows you how to add some fun color.

16. Hang a giant picture frame from a high tree and make a fun photo booth.


17. Use a projector and a poster board to make a decorative banner sign.


Read the full tutorial here.

18. A massive chalkboard menu is a great way to inform your guests of the food choices.


A piece of plywood painted with chalkboard paint would work just fine.

19. Play a fun game of glow-in-the-dark ring toss with glow stick necklaces.


20. A s’mores bar is a fun dessert for fireside festivities.


21. Cardboard berry boxes lined with parchment paper make disposable, eco-friendly salad bowls.


22. Scoop the fruit out of oranges and use the peels as decorative bowls for sorbet.


23. Tin cans become gorgeous lanterns with a coat of paint and a few holes.


Read how to make these here.

24. You can buy or rent a projector for an outdoor movie night.


Read more about this setup here.

25. Use wine bottles as vases for gorgeous flower arrangements.


If you’re not in the mood to party after all these ideas, than you’re crazy :) Share with friends!

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