31 Subscription Boxes You Need In Your Life Now

The days of going to the mall for every single materialistic necessity in your life, are over. The need to travel to other parts of the country, or even the world to get exotic teas, foods, coffees, etc, are over. You can get everything you need just by joining a subscription box service. There are tons to choose from. There’s literally one for every kind of interest or passion. Which one will you choose?



A monthly box packed with items trending that month, as well as some exclusives. All around a awesome gift for a nerd or geek (me….send one to me). https://www.lootcrate.com/ Price:<$20

Nerd Block


Like lootcrate, this also has neat figures or novelty items. However, this one straight up accepts its nerdiness and amplifies its appeal to nerds. https://www.nerdblock.com/ Price:<$20



This box allows you to survive scenarios you likely won’t find yourself in. It also helps conquer your enemies. Now I can take out http://imgur.com/5jgqVDn http://imgur.com/673PBBD. http://www.battlbox.com/ Price: 24.99 for the basic package

Prepper Gear Box


Although similar to BattlBox this one appears to be more survival oriented. http://www.preppergearbox.com/ Price:<$25

Bro Box


A collection of random bro things like bro jerky, bro hangover juice, bro chips and other bro stuff you didn’t know you needed. http://www.broboxclub.com/ Price:<$15

S.E.R.E. Box


Another version of BattlBox and Prepper Gear. Don’t ask, “Why though?”, just get all three. (also get me all three) http://www.serebox.com/ Price: Mini,$19-$34 Alpha,$59-$106



I don’t know why I want it but it will come in handy if I move to Colorado. https://www.cannabox.com/ Price:<$20




Don’t judge me. I am just a lil curious. This box is just another Cannabox IMO but hey let’s post both. This way you have options. http://420goodybox.com/?age-verified=eac713bafc Price:<$30

Cigar Of The Month Club


What classy man doesn’t smoke cigars. Me, wait, I’m not classy. Well you can be, just get this. Trust me it makes you a close second to http://i.imgur.com/SMm1WRp.jpg . http://www.cigarmonthclub.com/ Price:<$25

The Craft Beer Club


Another step to be like http://i.imgur.com/SMm1WRp.jpg . https://craftbeerclub.com/ Price:<$40



Beer ain’t cutting it. You just need a lil more class? Get some wine. Only open it when you have guests. Make eye contact and make sure the cork pops as loud as possible. http://www.glassful.com/ Price:<$55

Club W


In case you didn’t get my hint. Your ass needs some wine. https://clubw.com/ Price:<$40

Quince & Apple


Get this, it doesn’t come with the alcohol. However, you can get whatever you want and add just a pinch to the bottle. Then chug it. Actually, don’t listen to me, http://i.imgur.com/0r56j3x.png . https://www.quinceandapple.com/ Price:depends

Bitters and Bottles


For when those last four boxes didn’t get you drunk enough. http://www.bittersandbottles.com/ Price:$85

Conscious Box


For when you realise that the majority of these boxes in this post have fucked your life up and got you into rehab and AA. Now you’re trying to get it back on track. http://www.consciousbox.com/ Price:<$20

Bulu Box


Vitamins to help flush your liver or lose that beer gut. http://www.bulubox.com/ Price:<$10

Brotein Box


Okay, great, you fixed yourself up a little and now you want to make yourself even better. Let’s work on those abs shall we. http://www.broteinbox.com/ Price:<$36

Batch USA


All this stardom from your amazing 12 pack abs has you feeling a little homesick for the south. Easy fix get your favorite southern things in the mail. The best part? It is all local things from certain cities like Austin, Nashville, Charleston, etc. http://batchusa.com/ Price:<$50 or <$100

Dollar Shave Club


Your recent stardom has collapsed due to overindulgence of sweet tea. You have spent the past six months hiding in shame and now you are ready to get rid of that somehow sexy hipster beard you have. https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/ Price:$1, $6, or $9

The Gentlemans Box


Even better, you’re fixing your entire appearance and are now dressing better and smell nice. http://gentlemansbox.com/ Price:<$25

Five Four Club


Now all you need to do is catch up to some of the latest fashion trends. A lot can change in six months of hiding. We have flying cars now. Everyone is keeping it a secret from you. https://www.fivefourclub.com/# Price:depends on preferences

The Grill Masters Club


Bravo, you’re making friends now. Let’s have a cookout once a month at your place. http://grillmastersclub.com/ Price:<$40

Raw Spice Bar


What is a cook out without some of the most awesome fresh spices. https://rawspicebar.com/ Price:$6

Blue Apron


You may have to zoom in on the image. A subscription box that delivers fresh ingredients, delicious recipes, and the best part is the healthy food counteracts you not getting off your ass to go to the farmers market. https://www.blueapron.com/ Price:>$60

Carnivore Club


Mmmmmmmmm. Meat :D. Nom NOm nOm NoM. https://www.carnivoreclub.co/ Price:<$55

Hello Fresh


More food. https://www.hellofresh.com/ Price:>$34



You recently got a new job. You can’t keep up with your boss. Get this it’ll either fix your problem or make you shit your pants. Either way you’ll be the life of your new job. https://one.mistobox.com/ Price:>$14

Tea Sparrow


Time to retire and enjoy a nice cup of tea. You had a good life so far. http://www.teasparrow.com/ Price:<$20

Scent Bird


You have now hit your 80’s. The old man smell is getting overwhelming. You will probably receive this as a gift. https://www.scentbird.com/men Price:<$15

Scent Trunk


The last box wasn’t strong enough so they got you this one too. https://scenttrunk.com/ Price:<$20

Birch Box


Bravo you made it to the end. Now smell my ass, roses, am I right? I take baths in bath products. https://www.birchbox.com/men/shop Price:<$20

Don’t you just want to choose all of them?! How are we supposed to choose just one?! Share with friends!

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