6 of the Most Dangerous Caverns In The World

Are you the adventurous type? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then perhaps these 6 caverns are worth exploring. Just make sure you have really good life insurance. Because, you may not come out alive. These are the 6 most dangerous caverns in the world. Like a black hole….

Yucatan Cenotes



These caverns were created when sections of land collapsed on the Yucatan Peninsula, creating sinkholes called cenotes. Since the 1980s, only 2,400 of the estimated 6,000 cenotes on the peninsula have been mapped by divers, many of whom have lost their lives in the murky labyrinthine caves.

Jacob’s Well



Jacob’s Well is one of the longest underwater caves in Texas. From the opening in the creek bed, the cave descends vertically for about 33 feet, then continues downward at an angle through a series of silted chambers separated by narrow restrictions, finally reaching a depth of 130 feet

Asopladeru la Texa



Using surveyors’ instruments, these extensive caverns have been slowly mapped; the furthest reaches discovered so far lie more than 3,700 feet below the daylight. Its exploration, co-ordinated by cavers from Oxford University, continues

J2 cave system in the Sierra Juarez Mountains



Entry to these caverns is through an extremely tight fissure in a cloud forest called the Last Bash on a mountain side almost 10,000 feet above sea level. Spelunkers must then lower themselves 1600 feet down a series of vertical shafts, banging against the walls like pendulums. The caverns extend well beyond eight horizontal kilometres inside and roughly a vertical kilometre below the surface

Chevé system



Also in the Sierra Juarez mountains, these caverns are at least 8,500 feet deep—potentially the deepest cave in the world.

Exogorth cave


The air in this cave is notoriously thin and toxic, so spelunkers have to bring their own oxygen. And it’s said that the ground sure feels strange. It almost doesn’t feel like rock.

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