9 Airports Around The Globe, Offering The Best Entertainment For Your Downtime

These are the airports you’ll WANT to have long layovers at. They have so much out-of-this-world entertainment, that you’ll forget you’re even at an airport. From a nice cozy private bed, with wifi, to a giant golf course you can play on as you watch airplanes take off, right over your head. Pretty exciting, and so far from being boring! So, if you have to get stuck on a long layover, make sure you book your layovers at these airports :)

Dubai International Airport


Doze off without blowing off your flight, thanks to the plugged-in SnoozeCubes at the Dubai Airport.

Nashville International Airport


Enjoy bluegrass, rockabilly, or country at the Nashville Airport. Y’all come back now, ya hear?

San Francisco International Airportairport-downtime-03

Start a company during your layover at #ConvergeSFO for impromptu brainstorming. ‘Cause it’s San Francisco.

Munich Airport


Hang ten, or just watch as amateurs and pros surf the 33-foot-high wave at the Munich Airport. (Photo courtesy of Apex)

Denver International Airport


The best view of the Rocky Mountains happens even before you leave the airport. Instant-gramification.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport


The Kuala Lumpur International Airport features a botanical garden. It’s a little steamy and a lot unexpected.

Singapore Changi Airport


Look on the sunny side of airline travel at the many gardens within the Singapore airport. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

Incheon International Airport


If anyone tells you they’re bored at the Incheon Airport, they’re lying.

Heathrow Airport


From personalized shopping to celebrity chef airplane food, London’s Heathrow—the world’s largest airport—sets the bar sky high. (Photo courtesy of Luxuo)

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