9 Things Every Couple Experiences When Sharing A Bathroom

 One thing is living with a significant other, and another is sharing a bathroom with them. Totally different ball game. It’s more of vulnerable spot, where your insecurities are tough to hide. In other words, sh*t gets real when you share the bathroom with your partner (no pun intended). Can someone say “life changer”? Hey, if you survive it, you know your relationship will survive just about anything.

1. How about you go make breakfast so I can, um… go?


2. Bathing together? But the shower is my happy place…


3. Uh, no. We will NOT be sharing toothbrushes.


4. Looks like we’re going to have to get you another mirror.


5. There is clearly a discrepancy between our definitions of the word “clean.”


6. If I have to ask you to put the toilet seat down one more time…


7. Let me just apologize now for clogging the drain.


8. No hot water left? There’s a couch with your name on it tonight.


9. Trying to find my stuff amongst all of your stuff.


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Via Huffington Post


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