Blind Artist Paints Mesmerizing Images, Using Incredible Process

When you think of painting a picture, it’s already a difficult task. It takes a special mind and vision to achieve a quality painting. And, when the artist himself is blind, well….that’s just completely mind blowing. This artist is blind, but uses incredible techniques and senses to achieve his perfect art. Never say anything is impossible, that’s for sure!


’When I first started painting, I never thought it could equal the accuracy and complexity that my drawing had had when I could see.’


’It wasn’t until a year after going blind that I began to figure out a way to draw again.’


’Basically, what I do is replace everything that the eyes would do for an artist who can see with my sense of touch.’


’When you break it down, the eyes really only do two things for a painter — they allow you to know where things are on the canvas, and allow you to determine different colors.’


‘Over time, I’ve developed different techniques that allow me to be much more precise when it comes to laying down the lines.’


’All of the bottles and paint tubes in my studio are Brailled, and when mixing colors I use recipes. In other words, I measure out different portions of each color that I need to produce the right hue. This is no different from using a recipe to bake a cake. If you use the right ingredients in the right proportions, the results will always be the same.’


’For the first art shows that I did, I never told anyone that I was blind.’


’I didn’t tell people that I was blind not because I was ashamed, but because I didn’t want it to affect the way they perceived the art.’



This makes us realize how sacred how five senses, really are. Share with friends!

Via Imgur

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