Business Executive Man Lives Out Of SUV For Over A Year And Loves It

You would think that a business executive would want to buy a nice and luxurious home, with his hard earned money. But, that’s not the case for this professional. He is a business man, living out of his Ford Escape, and totally loving it. How he makes it work? See for yourself….

Living Out of My Vehicle for Over a Year


I have been quasi-secretly living out of my SUV while holding an executive position for over a year. Here is how I do it… All of my belongings fit and are easily accessible in the trunk of my 2014 Ford Escape. I do not store anything on my passenger seats or in the floor space of my vehicle. I store house keeping items and hygiene products discreetly in the side door storage pockets and extra shoes under my front seats. Showers are taken at the gym and the bathrooms I use are public. Everything I own is in my vehicle. No storage unit. No side apartment.

The Beginning


I started living out of my vehicle after finishing a 5,000 mile backpacking adventure across the country, you can read more about that on my website Coming off the trail I started making income and slowly buying the necessary items for a comfortable life on the road. This is my first version of my setup.

Upgrading the Ice Chest


Broadening my cooking options I upgraded from my small Igloo to a heavily insulated Roadie Yetti cooler.

Expanding the Space of the Bed


My Yetti cooler serves dual purpose. I found that when my front passenger seat is moved all the way forward and when my back seats are set down, it had the perfect dimensions to create additional space. This additional space allows me to lay down completely in the vehicle. I am 6’2”.

Upgrading the Drawers


I decided to upgrade from my plastic drawers to a locking office drawer that I purchased from Ikea. It is a lot nicer to work out of and it provides an extra layer of protection for my belongings in the event of a break-in.

Everything I Own Can Fit in my Trunk


All I need to do is pop the trunk and all my items are available for me. Looking in, it would be hard to tell I live out of the vehicle.

Whats in the Drawers? (Top Drawer)


The top drawer is my Hobby Drawer. I love motion memory type activities (Juggling, Poi, Butterfly Knife, Lock Picking, Harmonica). Here I store various other fun items.

Whats in the Drawers? (Middle Drawer)


In my middle drawer I store all of my clothes. Using a technique to roll my shirts allows me to keep my clothing organized. Work clothes for the next day get hung up.

Whats in the Drawers? (Bottom Drawer)


In the bottom drawer I store all my cooking supplies and food. I also have an small case with basic utensils stored outside of the drawer. I have two stoves, a Jet Boil and an MSR Dragonfly.

Sleeping Equipment


I store my sleeping equipment in 42L Osprey Variant backpack. Items include an ENO hammock with Atlas chords, bivy sack, Thermorest Neoair mattress, mattress cover, compact pillow, and homemade tarp.

Work On The Road


Even with everything I own stored in my vehicle I still have space to accommodate the items I need for work. Here you see me storing catalogs and posters while still being able to enjoy the space of my vehicle.

Modern Office

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Sleeping Outside and Enjoying Life


I choose this lifestyle. This is what gives life meaning to me. I spend most of my time outside and sleep most of my nights out too. The world is my home.

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