David Bowie’s Last Photo Shoot Before His Death

This is how you want to be remembered: David Bowie’s last photoshoot while promoting his newest album, Blackstar shows the star dressed in a black fedora hat and suit and wearing a confident smile. The suit comes from fashion designer Thom Browne, and the photo was taken by Jimmy King. Bowie was last pictured in public at the opening for the musical Lazarus in New York on December 7. This smile truly shows a man who has lived life to the fullest.

“That’s the message that I sent,” says Bowie’s website where the photos were released. “Why is this man so happy? Is it because it‘s his 69th birthday or that he has released his 28th studio album today and it’s a corker? Who knows, but we’re sure you’ll want to join us in congratulating him on both. Many happy returns of the day to David Bowie and Blackstar.”

“Why is this man so happy?”


“That’s the message that I sent”


More info: davidbowie.com

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