Disney Princess Wedding Rings For The Disney Fanatic Bride….Stunning!

If you’re thinking of proposing to your other half, and they’re a Disney Fanatic….then you may want to reconsider your ring design. These are wedding rings inspired by Disney Princesses themselves. They’re even etched with the most popular phrase from their corresponding films. So, if you want to make your bride feel like she is truly a princess, these rings are perfect! Check them out and get inspired!


Cushion Blue Topaz 18K White Gold Ring with Aquamarine & White Sapphire $1,962

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16 Responses

  1. Bekah Lou says:

    how do i get the red ruby one listen to your heart princess ring

  2. Nancy M Hill says:

    If someone used any of these, I'd say yes in a heartbeat.

  3. The pocahontas one should say Listen with your heart…

  4. Alice Price says:

    If i remember rightly you can find if not these exact ones some similar on etsy

  5. Krista Kiefer says:

    There is a rose gold one at the top with the header but then it doesn't list it below :(
    That's the one I wanted to read about. What princess is it from?

  6. Krista Kiefer says:

    Oh I see, after refreshing the page it showed there are two pages :)

  7. Almara Fazil says:

    Where can I get one?

  8. Nikki Nader says:

    Ugly chunky rings. Mostly non valuable and overpriced gemstones. I'll pass Disney.

  9. Robyn Barlow says:

    Alice Price i wonder why the prices are so low on etsy?

  10. Reyna Kilpatrick says:

    The Tiana one could have a better quote. Dreams co come true, maybe?

  11. Reyna Kilpatrick says:

    The Tiana one could have a better quote. Dreams co come true, maybe?

  12. Jenna Foster says:

    Cinderella's should say "A dream is a wish…" not Dancing on a cloud.

  13. The Snow White words are wrong too as she sings "I'm wishing" not "I am wishing"

  14. Flo Michel says:

    Tiana's stones, setting, and quote are a set up for failure!!!! That ring looks horrid!

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