Homeless Dog Found In Garbage Becomes A Lion He Deserve

A photographer spotted this dog one day, while she was working. He was homeless, and digging into garbage. She saw something very special in him. So, she took him in, and brought him back to life. She noticed his personality to be very strong, powerful, and protective… similar to lion. So, he became known as the dog lion everywhere he went.

When photographer Julia was working in Spain she spotted a homeless dog in garbage


The poor dog was searching for food when their eyes suddenly met…


He reminded her of Simba from The Lion King


Julia just knew she couldn’t leave him behind


So she brought him back with her to Germany


He’s come a long way since then


Julia thinks Tschikko was thrown from a car and left to fend for himself


But she saw him as a brave little lion when others only saw a homeless dog

short event dresses

So she decided to show this side of him to the world

metal polishing

And as you can see, he suits his new role very well!


The photographs are part of a series that Julia calls “Grossstadtlowe”


In English this means “Big City Lion”


Hey, sometimes city life is more of a jungle, than the jungle itself….Share with friends!

Via Imgur

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