How Disney Princesses Would Look With Real Hair

Disney princesses look amazing and often have the best hair possible no matter the situation or conditions.  Makes you wonder though how would our glorious Disney princesses look with realistic hair like the rest of us.  An illustrator from Buzzfeed, Loryn Brantz, did this very thing.  You may never look at your beautiful Disney princesses the same way again..


disney-princesses-realistic-hair-loryn-brantz-01 disney-princesses-realistic-hair-loryn-brantz-02

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6 Responses

  1. Ariel with real hair = Chrysalis from MLP: Friendship Is Magic. Cinderella with real hair = Michelle Pffiefer as Selina Kyle.

  2. ariel's hair wouldn't look like that and neither would belle's and mulan's. Theres nothing wrong with their hair!

  3. Rly? I wanna see Your hair when U'r swimming (diving too of crs)

  4. Kelley Pike says:

    Pocahontas = My hair on every windy day LOL

  5. Thanks for being real with me disney

  6. Why is Elsa's hair the same?

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