Nail Artist Creates Manicures That Make Political and Ethical Statements

Ami Vega started experimenting with nail art in middle school. After years of putting her talents at practice, she realized that she could assist with political, cultural, and ethical movements through her nail art. She began to work on designs, and mastered the ability to express freely on nails. Now women go to her when they want to showcase their feelings on an important issue. Her work is full of detail, colors, and limitless options.

1. Like these tiny masterpieces that honor her friend’s Dominican heritage (as well as her own).


2. And this design that captures the essence of one of Vega’s favorite artists, Jean-Michel Basquiat, well-known for infusing his art with social and political commentary.


3. Black Lives Matter is a huge movement, and the message rings loud and clear in this nail design.


4. These gay pride nails shine with every color of the rainbow.


5. This design, featuring a comic by The Akward Yeti, is all about the importance of loving yourself.


6. And this design is perfect for anyone who cares about honeybee colony collapse — or who just loves bees.


7. A common theme in Vega’s designs is a celebration of female power and empowerment.


8. Like these nails, which celebrate an entire spectrum of feminist icons from Oprah to Frida Kahlo to Roxane Gay.


9. Culture and womanhood are some of our strongest roots, so Vega splashes them across these fingertips like badges of honor.


10. She doesn’t shy away from things that are hard to talk about either. These nails are Vega’s artistic plea to stop violence against women.


11. And there’s something incredibly powerful about seeing this message, in honor of Suicide Prevention Week, every time you look at your hands.


12. Vega’s nails are all about love — for yourself, for others, for animals, for the world around us — and these Keith Haring-inspired designs are exactly that: a celebration of the universal feeling of love.


If you were going to Ami Vega for a manicure, what would you have her design for you? Share with friends!

 Via Upworthy

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