National Geographic Creates House From Disney Movie, UP, And Actually Flies!

If you’ve seen the Disney movie, Up, then you’ve not only shed some tears, but also wished you could travel around the globe, without having to leave your home. In the film, the main character travels all the way to South America, just by tying hundreds of balloons to his home. Now, that’s a First Class flight! National Geographic managed to build a house, tie it with a ton of specially engineered balloons, and away they went…


The Up! house which was part of a National Geographic TV series called How Hard Can It Be? It was 10 stories high, including the balloons. It reached 10,000 feet and flew for about one hour.


Record: Dozens of volunteers worked around the clock in the Californain desert to get the custom-built house airborne with the aid of 300 eight-foot-high helium balloons


Using 300 helium-filled weather balloons, a team of scientists, engineers, two balloon pilots and dozens of volunteers, they managed to get the small house 10,000 feet into the air.

Of course it was not a real house, but a custom-built light weight one.

Executive producer Ben Bowie said: ‘We found that it is actually close to impossible to fly a real house.’

Producer Ian White added: ‘But what we can do is kind of fly a light-weight house and fly it safely with people on board.’



Up! The house was life-sized and together with the balloons was ten storeys high


Away!: The house and two pilots soared 10,000 feet into the air for more than an hour over the desert



Each of the balloons were eight-feet high and filled with a whole tank of helium.

As well as getting the house to fly, they set a world record for largest cluster balloon flight ever attempted.


Now, if only there were a real Mr. Carl Fredriksson :) Share with friends!

Via DailyMail

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