One Face, A Million Disney Princesses! One Girl Transforms Into Disney Princesses Dopplegangers.

Promise Phan is a Disney princess pro! She should be hired for makeup and costuming by Disney. She transforms herself into identical versions of various Disney princesses. Her makeup is perfection, done just like the actual princesses in the movies. The costuming is also done perfectly, with great tailoring. The wigs are also chosen quite well. Even at Disney World, you get princesses with wigs that are practically falling off. If this woman doesn’t have a job with Disney yet, then hurry up and hire her! Great transformation talent.

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Jasmine from Aladdin


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9 Responses

  1. Amelia de Groot says:

    promise phan is the best

  2. jasmin, mulan and Pocahontas looks best on her.

  3. Princesses??? The highest majority of these are not princesses?! Tinkerbell is a fairy, Esmerelda is a Gyspy, Alice is just a school girl, Jessica Rabbit is just a trampy looking character who married a rabbit, and Maleficent is a villain?!

  4. Oh my… Her makeup artistry is fantastic!!

  5. I agree not all princesses but Maleficent in the new movie is not a villain (and I believe that's the character that Phan is playing on, not the original cartoon villain)

  6. So brutifull love poco and mulan forgetting people that have nothing nice to say they just jell x

  7. Tammy Sands says:

    Esmerelda, pocahontas and alice look awesome..great job on all tho

  8. Wow that's insane. What a chameleon

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