The 7 Disney Characters You’ll Date in Your Lifetime…Hilarious!

Let’s be real…dating sucks. So much to weed out to get to the fruit. And, then when you get to the fruit, you’re in the relationship, and then that can suck too (if he or she just isn’t the one). If he or she are not the one, then you have to date again, and so on and so on. It’s exhausting to even describe! So, applying a little humor to the screwed up world that dating can be, comes in very handy. Applying Disney characters to that humor…even better!

1. The Elsa

Disney Date 1

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  1. Barb Horton says:


  2. Eric Shock says:

    Crystal Bonanni Shock

  3. Maham Iftikhar says:

    Talal Samad LOL

  4. Deana Dixon says:

    These were really good! Good job!

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