The Hottest Women of HGTV / DIY Network

hottest-hgtv-women-1Despite mankind’s constant evolution, two things will always never change: the curiosity/propensity to build things and the appreciation of attractive people. After all, without these how would we keep the advancement of our species intact.It’s our fascination of building things that has brought us here today in in terms of technology, medicine, lifestyle, etc. If attraction between other humans didn’t exist than neither you or I would have ever been created. The reason for this little rant is because HGTV has found a perfect way to combine these two evolutionary traits into a tv show.

You would probably expect a bunch of men grunting and hammering naisl into wooden steps but as you flip through HGTV you’ll soon discover these absolutely beautiful and brilliant women who host these popular shows. Here is a list of the 8 hottest women on HGTV / DIY Network

8. Hilary Farr – Love It or List It

Born: August 31, 1952 (age 63), Toronto, Canada
Education: Ryerson University
Ex-spouse: Gordon Farr
Nationality: British, Canadian

Hilary Farr is an international home designer who runs her own design company, Hilary Farr Design. She was born in Canada but raised in London – so she has an accent that could make a wolverine purr. Not only does she sport a rocking body and a keen eye for design, but Hilary is also currently worth approximately $7 million dollars. She is currently 59 years old but is absolutely gorgeous for any age.



About Love It or List It:

Love it or List It is a show on HGTV where couples have the tough decision of renovating their home or moving elsewhere. The show is a competition where Hilary redesigns the home based on a certain budget, while a real estate agent (David) attempts to find the couple a different house available on the market. Hilary incorporates some amazing designs and the final choice is usually a gut-wrenching decision. It’s an incredible show in the fact that you can see how much value you can add to your home by investing & upgrading certain spaces – a great watch if going through a similar situation.


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